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Bennett's Mobile Detailing
(865) 216-0274

serving Knox County and surrounding areas

Bennett's Mobile Detailing provides the best interior and exterior detail services for autos, boats, and recreational vehicles. Fair prices, superior quality, and attentive customer service are guaranteed when you work with me.

Drive-through car washes can seem quick and affordable . . . until you realize the line is often much longer than you'd like, and that the job is rarely done to your standards. (Not to mention the damage that can be done to paint, finishes, and other features.)

Hand-washing is thorough, customized to your vehicle, and can prolong the beauty (and resale value!) of your investment. Even better, I can come right to your home or business! No need to wait or even drop off your car.

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about us

BMD is a Black-owned business and a proud member of the East Tennessee community.

Affordable, efficient, and honest, Bennett's Mobile Detailing is building a reputation of excellence and customer satisfaction one vehicle at a time. Our team is up for just about any job and location, managing projects with expertise.

  • 3 hr

    $140– $180

  • 3 hr 40 min

    $180– $330

  • 5 hr

    $300 – $450

  • 3 hr

    $250 – $500

  • 3 hr


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(865) 216-0274

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